PV CYCLE launches Distributor Take-back Scheme for PV industry to comply with new WEEE Regulations

The newly Government-accredited Distributor Take-back Scheme allows retailers and installers of photovoltaic panels for private households to comply with recently approved UK WEEE Regulations

Bristol, April 2nd, 2014 – The PV CYCLE Distributor Take-back Scheme (DTS) has received full government accreditation, enabling UK Distributors to carry out their collection and recycling obligations with a comprehensive support system at reasonable cost. With the new Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations this year, any “Distributor,” or organization selling PV panels for private households, must now have a procedure in place to take back PV waste. Distributors can choose to set up their own free take-back operation or join the PV CYCLE Distributor Take-back Scheme.

Jan Clyncke, Managing Director of PV CYCLE stated “Those who join our scheme can fulfil the process through a dedicated online platform available from dts.pvcycle.org.uk and will be allowed to return household PV panels free of charge at a number of collection points around the UK. They will also receive all the tools to ensure they properly inform the general public about how they treat PV waste”.

The creation of a DTS infrastructure answers a demand by the PV industry – voiced to the UK Government by PV CYCLE – to ensure a sustainable and efficient collection solution for PV panel waste throughout the UK.

The new WEEE Regulations entered into force on 1st January 2014 and, in addition to the category of “Distributors”, WEEE introduced the notion of “Producers” for PV, which includes all firms or individuals manufacturing, importing or rebranding PV panels in the UK. Producers are legally obligated to join a Producer Compliance Scheme, such as PV CYCLE UK, to meet their legal obligations.

PV CYCLE becomes the first organization approved by the UK authorities to operate as Distributor Take-back Scheme outside of the municipal infrastructure. “PV CYCLE has been known for its all-in PV waste management services in Europe for years. We are proud that our services convinced the UK authorities to allow for a new independent and PV-focused scheme”, concluded Olmina Della Monica, Operations & Treatment Manager at PV CYCLE. “We pride ourselves on catering to all subjects in the photovoltaic market, from installers to importers, retailers and manufacturers”, said Jan Clyncke, Managing Director of PV CYCLE. “As an initiative of the whole PV industry, we know the challenges faced by UK Producers and Distributors. Our mission is to guarantee a hassle-free route to WEEE compliance, assisting our member companies every step of the way”.

Note to editor

The PV CYCLE Distributor Take-back Scheme is a UK-focused initiative of PV CYCLE – the industry-led take-back and recycling solution for PV panel waste – providing full compliance services under the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. For more information, visit www.pvcycle.org where you can download pictures from our online photo gallery. You can also find PV CYCLE on YouTubeTwitter and Facebook.

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