Who should join?

PV CYCLE UK, as the only dedicated compliance provider for the PV sector, enables Producers to achieve their WEEE compliance and brings a tailor-made, one-stop-solution to the photovoltaic (PV) industry.

The following companies are classified as Producers under the new UK WEEE Regulations and are required to join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) to meet their mandatory obligations:

  • UK-based manufacturers of PV panels
  • UK-based importers of PV panels
  • UK-based rebranders of PV panels

Producer Obligations

  • Submit data, on a quarterly basis, to the PCS of which you are a member
  • Pay your “market share” obligation, calculated by the Environment Agency and based on UK WEEE collection target
  • Register your company as a Producer with an approved UK Producer Compliance Scheme
  • Mark your products with a crossed-out wheelie bin symbol and the Producer’s identification mark
  • Inform treatment facilities of product’s composition and the potential use of hazardous materials
  • Inform the end users on correct waste disposal

The “market share” obligation is calculated per category and per year.

Market share is = (total weight of your B2C PV panels placed on the UK market ÷ total weight of all B2C PV panels placed on the UK market ) x the collection target for PV panels.

Our Advantage

Producers registered with PV CYCLE UK have the support of an experienced and industry-focused compliance provider. Our unique ability to represent the sector is unsurpassed and we have been successful in ensuring a pragmatic and sympathetic approach for PV panels under WEEE.

PV CYCLE UK’s dedicated approach brings a number of important advantages to PV Producers:

  • PV industry-led

    We understand the wider issues and challenges facing the PV sector and can deliver a hassle-free route to WEEE compliance.

  • Not-for-profit

    Our non-profit but efficiency-led solution ensures best value compliance against for-profit waste management-led competitors.

  • Producer-focused

    PV CYCLE UK was created to protect the interests of PV Producers – not the waste management industry.

    Our skilled and knowledgeable management team provide expert personal advice and guidance.

  • One-stop-shop

    PV CYCLE UK covers the entire compliance, operational and administrative process for treating discarded panels, from Producer registration to take-back, transportation and recycling.

  • Tried & tested

    Through our parent, PV CYCLE, we have the only fully operational system for all PV technologies across Europe having treated thousands of tonnes of PV WEEE.