PV CYCLE UK is a photovoltaic-focused, Government-approved, not-for-profit Producer Compliance Scheme, providing full compliance services under WEEE Regulations for UK-based PV businesses that fall under the Producer definition.

Under the new WEEE Regulations, PV importers, UK manufacturers and any company that rebrands are known as ‘Producers’. It is a legal requirement for them to join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS), which then ensures their legal obligations are met – most significantly for the collection and recycling of old PV panels.

Tailored compliance with PV CYCLE

We are the only Producer Compliance Scheme specifically approved to provide compliance to the PV sector. As well as providing full compliance with the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations, PV CYCLE UK provides expert advice and guidance on all WEEE and PV-related issues.

Besides its Producer Compliance Scheme, PV CYCLE operates an own collection infrastructure, which ensures that old PV panels are received at Dedicated Collection Facilities (DCFs) throughout the UK and then collected and recycled by PV CYCLE.

Approval Number: WEEE/TP3838PS/SCH
Place of Registration: England