PV CYCLE joins cross-sectorial monitoring council in The Netherlands

Brussels/Zoetermeer, June 2nd, 2015 – PV CYCLE today announced to have joined the Dutch Monitoring Council as one of the founding members. With the goal of ensuring that the WEEE targets are met, the Monitoring Council plays a pivotal role in defining procedures and standards for high-efficiency collection and recycling in The Netherlands.

In conjunction with the entry into force of the new WEEE law, manufacturers/importers (Producers) and waste industry representatives together with municipalities, retailer groups, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment and the WEEE Register founded the Monitoring Council. Under the patronage of the Ministry, the Monitoring Council will sit four times a year to ensure the well-functioning of a nationwide collection and recycling infrastructure that will allow the Dutch electronics and electrical equipment industry to meet the targets as set by the European Directive.

As the principal representative of registered PV Producers in the Netherlands, PV CYCLE will bring its longtime experience in PV waste management to the Council and will make sure that the priorities and needs of its members are reflected. With more than 11,000 waste tonnes, PV CYCLE has treated more PV module waste than any other organization in the world to date.

“Though a voluntary, consultative body only, the Monitoring Council will help establish best practices throughout the industries and will contribute to nationwide efforts in making end-of-life management more efficient”, said Michel Henneghien, Country Manager for PV CYCLE in The Netherlands. “We are confident that our unique expertise will bring additional value to the Council”.