WEEE comes into force for PV modules in Germany

PV companies subject to mandatory financial guarantee on annual sales

Berlin, October 26th, 2015 – German WEEE law ElektroG came into force on October 24, bringing PV modules under the scope of mandatory Producer responsibility. Classification of PV modules as household equipment results in a legally binding financial guarantee on yearly sold PV modules in Germany.  

Besides the provision of an annual financial guarantee, the German law also requires financing of current waste either collected by the municipal network, a dedicated industry scheme or the Producer directly. Producers are Germany-based companies manufacturing or importing PV modules for the German market.

With the B2C-classification, PV modules can be disposed of at municipal collection points. The further collection and treatment from there has to be executed and financed by the Producers either directly or via a subcontracted collective scheme. Communication between the municipal network and the Producers is coordinated by the official Producer register Stiftung ElektroAltGeräte (EAR), which also issues the mandatory Producer Identification Number required to receive the permission to market PV modules in Germany. Proof of an EAR-accredited financial guarantee is a prerequisite to being attributed a Producer number.

The disposal of end-of-life modules at municipal collection points may be limited. Therefore, PV module waste can be managed by an industry-led compliance and waste management scheme such as PV CYCLE too. “A dedicated, industry-focused scheme has the relevant market and product knowledge to collect PV modules where they arise as waste, recycle them with the priorities of its members in mind and educate the right people along the value chain”, said Ullrich Didszun, Country Manager for PV CYCLE Deutschland GmbH. “This allows us to bring cost down, while maintaining our high environmental standards”.

The PV-focused take-back and recycling service of PV CYCLE had already allowed the German industry to sustainably treat more than 7,000 tonnes of discarded PV modules, more than all other schemes combined.

“Our customers and their customers will continue to receive the industry-focused service that they have been knowing for the past nine years, with now comprehensive compliance management on top”, added Jan Clyncke, Managing Director of PV CYCLE.

Note to the editor

PV CYCLE is a collective compliance and waste management scheme for WEEE and Battery products, with a special focus on solar energy system equipment. Founded in 2007 by and for the PV industry, PV CYCLE set the benchmark for PV waste treatment and is today’s clear leader in the sector. The organization offers its services throughout the world, including Europe’s biggest PV markets Germany, Italy, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.

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